Aerial Drone Video & Photography service Qatar

Aerial video company in Qatar

Aerial Photography & Video services often required service in Qatar by many companies, corporate & Small business.

Strike Studio is licensed company for Drone filming and photography by the concerned government agencies in state of Qatar.

Each Aerial Drone filming requires extra authorization from Ministry of defense besides the license we already have.

We obtain this individuals authorization based on each agreement we have with our customers for the project that customer want to film

Each authorization is mention for specific date , hour, location as per previous agreement with our customer

Usually this authorization requires up to 10 days to be approved by the authorities.

For indoor Aerial drone filming and private properties, there is no needs for that extra authorization from ministry of defense.

Drone filming in Qatar are high demanded by construction companies to track the projects progress and also as digital documentation for projects status.

Also it’s required for some other companies into video commercials or other corporate uses.

We Deliver Full HD final Videos, fully edited and color graded and also a 4K photos as per customer request.

During summer period in Qatar, we fly with drone in early morning to avoid high temperature which affect the Drone functions.

Aerial video and photography company in qatar

Whatever is your project requires Aerial Drone video or photography, please feel free to contact us

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