Video courses in Doha Qatar

Video courses & workshop in Doha Qatar
Video courses & workshop in Doha Qatar

Strike Studios offer intensive Video courses in Doha Qatar for individuals and groups too as workshops to grow the Video production skills for those who love to create video and films.

Our intensive workshops target is to develop the knowledge and skills, starting from technical details such as manual control for all camera settings, lighting, framing, blocking and video shooting rules.

We also focusing enough on Film & video taking Rules, theories, and how to break the rules in some motivated cases.

A trainee should not bring any device with him/her, all equipment’s are available in studio to produce any kind of movie trainee desires.

Usually this course should not take more than 7 workshops of 2 hours each, and could be less.

A studio is always available for trainee to practice anytime and develop his/her skills.

The Video course contents should be as follow:

  • Brief about video history
  • Video concept & theory
  • Expose to light theories
  • Camera components and functions
  • The golden triangle
  • Lenses types and uses
  • Framing & blocking basics
  • The third rule
  • Shot type’s
  • 180’s Rule
  • Camera movement
  • Continuity
  • Color temperature philosophy and control
  • Lighting assortments & setup / theories
  • Shoot with sun
  • Camera dynamic range
  • Picture profile
  • Raw Vs MPEG & MP4
  • Sound recording
  • Deal with equipment’s
  • Test project
  • Pre-production process
  • Final project for editing

You are great welcome in the world of Video production , feel free to contact us and begin your legacy with us

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