Social Accounts managements

Strike Studio offers an attractive offers & packages for social accounts management, whether it’s for business of individual accounts.

We offer a free long photo session and up to 20 sponsored posts of photos / video stories per month.

We publish your posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat stories too, beside a creating business page and posts in Google business.

Once you contracted Strike studio for this service, you will get up to 50% discount on any video production or web developing from Strike studio.

we have more than 15 happy customers for now, and great welcome any new customer

Our charge as a professional producers is less than a simple employee who can handle this.

Why do I need Social accounts ?!

Example: More than 65% of instagram users say they discover new products on Instagram

Let your social media posts be a motivator to drop people visiting your website and know more about you and your products/services

Learn about your customers by interaction with them and understand them feedback and requirements

Using the social media platforms advertising campaigns is main channel of digital marketing, so you should be connected well

Surprise is more than 65% prefer to contact you by social media more than a call or mail

Connect with customers and potential customers to show the human side of your brand by the real human connection you did

Get Leads free and pipeline by hunting the interactions on your post

Social media platforms could be a great sale channel for your products and services, even if you have your your own online shopping store

Most social media users connect to them account once per day at least, let your brand / product and services always on them mind